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Who Are DCA

Having worked in many different environments across many different sectors, we have collectively seen very different approaches to digital projects – some good, some not so good and some very bad!

That is why we are not ‘yes men’ or ‘nodding dogs’, we won’t take on a project for short term gain.

Our clients know and trust that we are ‘in it for the long haul’!

Digital Collective Agency

We are real people with many years of real industry experience, singing from the same hymn sheet!

Jason Kirk

Director, Lead Creative

Over 20 years in the creative industry and lead creative for DCA.

Previous successful projects across many sectors for regional, national and international clients including VW group, Shell, BP, M&S, Yorkshire Water, Shepley Spring, Daval Furniture and Milligan & Jessop.

Dan Martin

Director, Web and Digital Manager

Our self taught web and IT master with over 10 years in the creative industry.

Since learning HTML & CSS in 2007 Dan has worked on various projects for a variety of clients across a global network. With a background in business and technology systems, Dan is our in-house business development strategist.

Jonathan Rich

Web Developer and New Media

Over 10 years in the creative industry and our New Media Guru.

Jonathan has worked with big names such as P&O Cruises, Dr Martens and the Guardian, as well as a host of other small to medium businesses, providing comprehensive and successful digital media solutions.

Stuart Graham

Social Media and Content

Over 8 years in digital marketing, specialising in content generation, SEO and targeted social media advertising.

Stuart has experience of managing and implementing national campaigns for businesses and organisations such as West Coast Railways, Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All, The Yorkshire Marathon and Total Warrior.

A collective desire for results driven excellence is what led to the inception of Digital Collective Agency.

Digital Collective Agency

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